Friday, 22 April 2016 20:02

An Intriguing Experience!

The Debate Club and the Press Club had an unusual educational visit to the flourishing organic honey bee farm, 'Madu Lebah Kelulut Qana'ah 5' in Kg.Tungku. Mr.Malik Siajuan, the owner of the farm and an entrepreneur himself, gave an informative briefing about the process of honey making.

Within a short span of 3 years, the farm has more than 100 hives of 5 different breeds of stingless honey bees and they sell honey produced from 2 breeds out of the 5. Students explored the different types of hives and got an opportunity to taste 100% pure honey freshly taken from the hives.

It was indeed a very rare experience for the secondary students.


By Arya Ann Saji (10 Express)