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Monday, 02 May 2016 08:28

Free Day at Preschool Section

The second free day for SMSS Preschool was all about loving and caring for our environment – Earth Day! Each level fashioned various activities which were related to the current IPC Unit.

In line with the Sand and Water unit, the Kindergarten 1 students had an “Under the Sea” celebration. The corridors and ceiling were covered with ocean-themed decorations. KG1 focused on the preservation and protection of the ocean including all the living things that inhabit it. A Sand Art was created by each child utilizing the real sand from the beach as a reminder to always care for our bodies of water. There was also a film viewing about water pollution and its results. As young as they are, the children were taught on how to safeguard the natural resources. Also they dedicated the performance for each class to Mother Nature as they sang and danced to the songs with reference to water.

KG2 had an amazing time themselves with a skit presented by the students. “The Super 3R’s Save the Day” was one of the highlights of the celebration. From this performance, the students learned about the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – and how they could make a difference in our environment. With regard to their Shopping Unit, each student had a chance to talk about the recycled bag that they made individually. Explaining its use and how the bags were created enforces the impact of the 3R’s in their lives. A video presentation concluded their celebration as the students were once more reminded of the different means of saving the environment.


Backed up with the theme Changes, Kindergarten 3 entitled their celebration, “A Leap of Change to a Friendly Earth.” Our KG3 students were in charge of the whole event! They had their own emcees who made a smooth program possible. There was a video showing a variety of ways on how to live in an environment-friendly manner by not becoming contributors to air and water pollution. Each class also had a presentation of singing, dancing, and acting that all relates to creating a change in the environment. There were also arts and crafts for the students as they differentiated those objects that were considered environment friendly and those that were not.

Saving the Earth requires a lot of hard work, so as the children’s reward and breather, a ballet performance was witnessed by each level. Our very own ballet students graced the celebration as they moved to the music of Colors of the Wind. Indeed, Mother Nature needs little hands at work.