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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 10:07

KG 1 Sand and Water Exit Point

Rain, rain, go away! Oooops, this might not be the appropriate song for K1 students as they had their Sand and Water Exit Point.

The students wore rain boots and coats ready to play with the rain. Umbrellas up everyone! The teachers set up an improvised rain for the students to play with. This was the culmination of their research about rain where they studied how it forms and why it falls down from the sky. The children were also taught how to stay safe during rainy seasons.


A Sand and Water Mini Exhibit was also presened all throughout the day. It contained all that has been taught during the unit; there were different centres for: sand, water, shells, things that float, things that sink, sea creatures, and a special space for the water tubes. The students explored all these centres with much confidence having been exposed to them during the past learning experiences.