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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 19:28

Houses and Homes Entry Point

Classrooms of K3 transformed into a different place – instead of the usual rooms where students read and write, they turned into different habitats of animals and houses of certain groups of people. The rooms became a beehive, a cave, tepee, a giant aquarium, and a pond for the K3 Houses and Homes Entry Point.

The children imagined that they were those who dwell in their respective houses that they have created; each one felt how it really was to be the animal or the person living in that distinct place.


With the help of their parents, the children came to school in complete costumes. Colorful headdresses could be seen in the corridors. Sharks were everywhere. Nemos could be easily found today. The Arctic cold was extraordinary. The bees could sting you with their mere cuteness. It was a great learning day as children learned about to different human and animal habitats.