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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 18:39

KG 1 Up and Away Entry Point

KG1 students learned all about the things that fly during the Up and Away Entry Point. Each class was assigned to bring something that flies/floats in the air and there they went – wearing their bright colored shirts and wide grins of excitement, our little ones hopped in the fun of our Up and Away Exhibition.

Different stations were assigned to five classes: airplanes, balloons, bubbles, kites, and lanterns. Upon reaching each post, the teacher would provide a brief introduction of the object and the students carrying their flying things would show how they work and ‘fly’ them off. It was also an opportunity for our ever supportive and enthusiastic parents to be involved in the exhibition of flying kites. The KG1 students watched everything with wonder and astonishment. What a great way to introduce the last unit for this year!