Wednesday, 02 November 2016 17:57

100% Distinction in Communication from Trinity College London

In 2015, SMS Primary Section English Language Department pioneered the effort to offer the Trinity College Graded Examination in Communication Skills to students.

This endeavour focuses on the school’s goal of producing competent and confident communicators. It was also aimed at bolstering speech outcomes and international recognition for primary candidates.

To further develop their communication skills, 7 lower primary students and 16 upper primary students underwent training with Teacher Leeman D. Apalis (lower primary) and Teacher Rosielyn D. Tupaz (upper primary). They focused on building confidence, non-verbal communication, syllabus tests and one-to-one conversations.

The graded exam was conducted at Seri Mulia Sarjana School last 27th July 2016. Trinity College examiner, Linda Woodacre then commended the impressive communication skills of 23 examinees. ”The effort of your faculty is reflected in the remarkable results your students have achieved.” she delightedly said.

True enough, the results revealed 100% ‘distinction’ for all 23 candidates who participated, with Nur Aminah Syazwani Binti Haji Mohamad Azmi achieving the highest mark of 96%.

Archivald Queri, Senior Headmaster for School Activities said, he believes this will provide another benchmark by which to identify the most able students.

“Events such as this motivate the students to reach their full potential and further develop different communication skills. Now, we have a young group of confident communicators who can lead and inspire their fellow students to be excellent second language speakers.” said Teacher Gina Resmundo Octoso, Head of English Language Department.

Congratulations to the following students:


Lower Primary 


1. Tiong Ing Hoe  (1A )


2. Abdul Hafidz Bin Sheikh Mohd Ali  (2A  )


3. Nur Amanina Dania Azyyati Binti Mohamad Noh (3A )


4. Sarah Jasmin Binti Haji Mohd Yussof (3A )


5. Amelie Wong Jia Xin  (3B )


6. Dania Aleeya Abu Samah  (3A)


7. Norraine Hardie  (3A )




Upper Primary 


1. Nur Faqihah Danisha @ Nur Afifah  (4A )


2. Chai Wen Ya  (4C )


3. Ahmad Aiman Darwish Bin Md Yusri (4D )


4. Nur Amni Syahmina Binti Md Sofian  (5A)


5. Nur Naqibah Binti Md Nikman Waie (5A)


6. Siti Nur Dayana Damia Binti Haji Abdul Maizan  (5A)


7. Yasmin Damia Iman Binti Haji Mohammad Jaafar  (5B)


8. Khoo Jun Ming  (5E)


9. Chia Xuan Lei  (5F)


10. Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Matin  Martino @ Iskandar Zulkarmain (6A)


11. Nur Aminah Syazwani Binti Haji Mohamad Azmi   (6A )


12. Aida Farzana Binti Dr Muhammad Hiza Wardy  (6C)


13. Awang Muhammad Wa’ie Syazwi Bin  Awang Md Azrin  (6C )


14. Nur Sarrah Wajeehah Binti Norkisham (6C)


15. Dania Zarith Sofea Binti Azmi  (6D)


16. Siti Damia Binti Azale  (6E)