Thursday, 19 January 2017 18:59

Getting to Know Kg2 in a FUNtastic Way!

The preschool building of SMSS opened its gates last 16 January welcoming the fairies, kings and queens, pirates, dinosaurs, little ballerinas, and brave superheroes of the Kindergarten 2 level.

It was a sight to behold as the children came to school wearing their favourite clothes to celebrate their first “Wow Day” of the year. Having “All About Me” as their first IEYC unit, the children had an opportunity to bravely speak in front of a large crowd and talk about themselves; their name, favourite colours, favourite clothes, and from which class they belong. Aside from this, everyone had loads of fun singing and dancing while at the same time, discovering about the different parts of their body and the members of a family. After the programme, all classes proceeded to their respective classrooms to let the children decorate their family photos by using a variety of art materials. Looking at their own designs/creations put a proud smile on their faces. Everyone can’t wait to go home and share the exciting adventure they had in school.