Monday, 23 January 2017 11:13

School is Cool with KG3

A big hooray on a Saturday!

The KG3 level of the preschool section made their first ‘Wow Day’ memorable by doing extra-special activities linked to their first IEYC unit, “This is Me”.

Held last 21st of January, the preschool building became more vibrant and colourful with the K3 students flaunting their favourite clothes on stage in a fantastic fashion show. The children were all smiles as they confidently showed everyone their special attire. Aside from this, selected students from each class also competently introduced themselves; proving to all how great communicators the young Sarjanians are. Everyone was given a chance to shine that day when each K3 class did a simple song performance about their identity, body parts, and friendship. Indeed, it was a special school day for fun and learning!

The day ended by celebrating each child’s unique individuality through portrait-making.