Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:12

K2's Fabulous Food Fest

Aspiring little chefs emerged in the recent activity of K2 in connection with their IEYC Food unit.

The hallways of the preschool building were filled with the delicious aroma of food last 27 February as each K2 class prepared their own menu for the day. The children eagerly observed their teachers’ food demonstration; highly anticipating to do the same thing afterwards. Wearing their chef hats, most of them learned how to do simple measurement of ingredients, stirring, mixing, and peeling. They also learned about safety and proper use of kitchen and cooking utensils. Also, not forgetting the practice of sanitation and good hygiene when preparing food. Scrumptious snacks such as pizza, macaroni salad, and egg sandwich were prepared that day. The children went home with their specially-made goodies to share with the rest of their family.