Monday, 10 April 2017 12:06

Health, Safety, and Environment Awareness Workshop for SMSS Teachers and Staff

What makes a school truly remarkable apart from the quality of education it provides is the amount of importance it gives to assure the health and safety of its stakeholders at all times.

At SMSS, the value of education and the well-being of all the members of its community always come first. The school strongly believes that safety is a shared responsibility; therefore, students, teachers, and parents must work hand in hand in order to achieve this goal.

Efforts were made by the principal’s office, Office of Student Activities, and HSE Department to conduct an HSE Awareness Workshop for all its teachers and staff during the school holidays. It aimed to give information and provide teambuilding activities about the standard procedures in managing risks and identifying hazards during school excursions/activities.

The four-day workshop focused on recognizing hazards that exist in the workplace, implementing effective controls and recovery measures to mitigate risks, and keeping everyone safe. Aside from this, HSE policies and procedures were also discussed such as the use of the Safety Observation Logbook and the standard operating procedure during lockdown and disaster.

On its third day, teachers and staff immersed themselves in actual school scenarios for them to apply what they have learned about risk assessment and management. A sharing session and group presentation concluded the workshop.

This initiative is supported by the senior management of the school and more of such awareness workshops will be provided in the upcoming future.