Monday, 10 April 2017 12:28

K1’s Amazing Adventure at Fun Blocks

K1 students conducted their All About Me Exit Point at Fun Blocks Brunei - an interactive indoor playground. With the theme of "Me and My Many Potentials", teachers led the students into the fun of role play/ pretend play of certain professions (doctor, fireman, chemist, pilot, policeman, chef, artist, and the like) that they can have in the future.

Aside from jobs, they were also introduced to assuming adult responsibilities such as grocery shopping, tire changing, theatre acting, and many more! Also, to add more thrill, the children were allowed to explore the wide play area and hop on planes and conquer the big slides. As part of the IEYC advocacy of increasing parent involvement, there were several volunteer parents on hand to assist with the children; they also helped in explaining and processing information for a better learning experience for the little ones. Everyone explored all the stations and had a great share of fun while learning at the same time.