Thursday, 27 April 2017 12:30

Superheroes Go Shopping!

In the recently concluded Entry Point activity for Shopping Unit, the K2 level made the activity extra special by getting Superheroes to go shopping!!!

All students were encouraged to come to school wearing their favourite shopping clothes or superhero costumes. Even teachers joined in wearing their own costumes. It was a sight to behold as students entered the preschool building confidently wearing colourful dresses and superhero costumes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man.

Each class prepared a song and rhyme presentation all about shopping to showcase skills in singing, dancing, and reciting rhymes. Classroom activity includes the decoration of shopping bags with colourful stickers which the students brought home to show to their parents. Everybody got a chance to visit the make-shift shops in each K2 classroom – clothes shop, Book Store, Supermarket, Toy Shop, Flower Shop, and Fruits and Vegetables Shop. It will surely be an exciting unit for K2 in the next few weeks as they discover more about shopping!