Friday, 12 May 2017 19:22

K2 Shopping Trip

Young minds are always curious; always eager to discover new things through self-exploration. Our preschool teachers support this idea; thus, we do our best to provide experiential learning to our students.

One good example of this was the shopping trip done by the K2 level. To further understand the concept of purchasing goods and the value of money, K2 students were immersed in a real shopping experience at Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut. Prior to the trip, the children were taught how to write a simple shopping list with the help of their parents. They also did role pay activities in the classroom of purchasing goods and counting ‘play money’. On the actual day, a brief orientation about safety when travelling and showing courtesy when shopping was done. All aboard the bus, everyone was full of zeal and anticipation all the way to the venue. The staff of Hua Ho happily welcomed and assisted our students as they shop independently. Eagerly pushing their trolleys around the venue, the children discovered about the different sections of the supermarket, how to look for price tags, and purchase items at the cashier by counting their own money. Our young Sarjanians made our school even more proud by not forgetting to greet Good morning/Good afternoon and always saying Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me. Shopping is always fun when you do it with your One Sarjana family!