Thursday, 08 June 2017 19:09

Ahoy There! Pirate Adventure

A brand new unit dawned on the KG1 students as they set out on the Treasure Unit. To introduce the unit, a variety of activity was prepared for the children.

The day started with a storytelling session about 'Black-eyed Bill', an adventurous pirate who owns an interesting parrot. The story narrates their journey on the vast ocean to find the treasure in a faraway island; along the way, they met new friends like the mermaid, octopus, and a puffin and all of them went to find the hidden treasure. They were not disappointed in the end as they discovered the island and unearthed a treasure chest with lots and lots of treasure! Soon after the story, the children had a face painting activity to make everyone look like pirates. As part of the pirate tradition in the sea, the students engaged themselves in the "Walk the Plank" activity. This obstacle challenge helped them gain physical confidence by walking the plank and improve their coordination. Everyone was able to shout "Ahoooooy!" in their excitement!

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