Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:40

A Home for Dinosaurs

K2’s current IEYC unit “Dinosaur Detectives!” brings children back to the time of the dinosaurs. These amazing yet ferocious creatures, although now extinct, are still fascinating to all of us, especially to the children.

To fully understand the environment where dinosaurs thrived before, K2 students made a home for them using raw and recyclable materials. Based on what they have learned in their previous activities, the children brought materials such as rocks, leaves, sand, and a box to make their own dinosaur habitat. They presented their proud handiwork to their teachers and friends, and explained to everyone how they built it. Creativity and uniqueness are evident in each student’s work; at the same time achieving a strong sense of independence when they did the activity on their own. Their work will make all their parents so proud!

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