Thursday, 27 July 2017 08:51

K3 Exit Point Activity, “Let’s Pretend Unit”

The K3 level celebrated their learning and concluded the IEYC unit “Let’s Pretend” by doing an entrepreneurship activity entitled “Little Entrepreneurs”. In this activity, the children were given an opportunity to have first-hand experience and knowledge of managing a business like a real business person.


Learning stations were set-up with students acting out as stub validators, assistant sales persons, tattoo artists, and assistant cashiers. The following booths provided a variety of interesting activities for everyone to explore: Photo Booth, Merchandise Booth selling stationeries, healthy food and drinks, books, toys, and school items, Mini-Theater, Tattoo Painting Booth, and Carnival Games Booth. Interested parents also took part in the activity by purchasing items sold at a very reasonable price. The tasks given to students were linked to Numeracy and Literacy through counting the amount of purchase and understanding new vocabularies related to the business.

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