Friday, 11 August 2017 12:45

K2 Visits The Mesozoic Explorer

K2 students had the chance to explore the Jurassic world closely when they visited “The Mesozoic Explorer” a couple of weeks ago for their exit point activity on Dinosaur Detectives unit.

The model dinosaur with three horns called Triceratops in the middle of the room attracted everyone’s attention immediately. The students and teachers were greeted cheerfully by Dr(s) Joseph Charles and Ang Bee Biaw; a wildlife biologist and ecologist respectively. With the aim of helping the students appreciate science and nature through exploration and discovery, the centre directors showed a variety of dinosaur models and fossils which the children were able to touch and feel. Not only did the children discover about the special characteristics of dinosaurs but also saw some extinct animals found in the jungles of Borneo that were preserved. What made the visit even more spectacular was the fossil excavation wherein each student experienced digging and excavating a shark tooth, a dinosaur toy, and an ancient rock. The highlight of the trip was the science experiment of a volcanic eruption. With the use of play dough and some interesting chemicals, students were thought how to make a volcano and make it erupt. Squeals of wonder and joy filled the place when a big volcanic eruption ended the tremendously fun and exciting day. Our kindies went home with a bag of goodies filled with cute memorabilia from the unforgettable Mesozoic trip.

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