Monday, 14 August 2017 19:44

A PETastic Exhibition

One of the most interesting IEYC units for children is ‘Animals’. This unit always stimulates the curious minds of our K2 students which make it lessons in this unit so much more fun and interesting.

Creating a wow factor in the entry point activity, a “PETastic Exhibition” was held at the preschool hall last 5th August. In this activity, all K2 students were encouraged to bring any pets/animals to school which were displayed at the hall for viewing. Each class took turns in visiting the exhibition; eagerly observing the animals such as the cats, fish, turtles, snail, birds, mouse, and rabbit. Fun and interesting trivia questions also challenged our young Sarjanians’ curious minds. To make the activity more engaging, the children moved and grooved to upbeat songs about animals; also impersonating animal movements and sounds. It was a celebration of more exciting activities to come as K2 discovers more about this unit in the coming weeks.

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