Wednesday, 25 October 2017 11:22

The Sarjana Carnival at Its Finest!

One of the most awaited events every year in preschool Sarjana is the “IEYC Wow Day”.

This activity is a culmination of the children’s learning journey throughout the school year. It is a celebration of the important milestones that the children have achieved when they explored and discovered new interests and abilities through child-centered activities. Moreover, it also showcases the exceptional talents of the youngest members of the ‘Sarjana’ family in performing arts that includes singing, acting and dance moves which incorporated the IEYC learning units.

This year, the exuberant festivity happened last Sunday, 15th of October, at the preschool grounds. Various food, beverage, and game booths stationed outside the school building welcomed all the guests as soon as they arrived. The children eagerly flocked the bouncer and face painting booths which proved to be the most popular booths on that day.

The founder and CEO of Sarjana Education Group, (Dr.) Mary Lim, graced the event together with the Director for Seri Mulia Sarjana School, Sophia Lim. On this day, parent-volunteers in various preschool activities were given recognition and appreciation for their unending support and commitment in helping the school achieve its goal of guiding each child in achieving his/her maximum potential. Representatives from various private sectors who became the school’s partners in providing unique and extraordinary learning experiences for the students were also recognized.

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The highlights of this event were the astounding performances from all three levels that harnessed the students’ skills as competent communicators. K1 presented an excerpt from the movie ‘Moana’ and a performance on ‘Listen to the Water’ where the children showed off their acting skills in drama and theater for IEYC unit Sand and Water. K2 and K3 students showcased their rendition of songs, acting and dance moves with ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘Baby shark’ incorporating Changes, Ocean Treasures and Animal units. Thematic learning stations set-up in each classroom provided a lot of enjoyable hands-on activities and opportunities to share their learning journey for the year with parents and guests.