Monday, 30 October 2017 10:36

Movie-Watching at the Empire Cinema

What better way to kick-off a unit on Transport but to do an exciting bus ride with friends and teachers topping it with movie-watching of “Cars” inside a real cinema!

To kindle the children’s interest and curiosity about transport, the K2 level organized a wonderful experience of watching the famous animated movie “Cars 3” at the Empire Cinema. The bus ride going to and from the venue created a giddy atmosphere; prompting the children to sing songs about all kinds of transport. As soon as everyone arrived at the venue, a short briefing was conducted by the friendly staff of the cinema; reminding the children of some dos and don’ts to ensure their safety while at the venue. Moreover, the presence of some parent-volunteers contributed to the smooth flow of the activity. Once again, this served as another unforgettable experience for our jubilant Sarjanians!