To commemorate the day when the school was founded, a colourful and meaningful
program was held in SMSS Secondary Section on 14th January 2023. Various activities
lined up for the special occasion such as the anniversary cake-cutting ceremony, upbeat
Tiktok and Kara-OK performances from students, and open mic sessions. An inspirational message was delivered by our former Director Ms. Sophia Lim on which she highlighted the humble beginnings of our school, the challenges that were successfully faced by the whole management over the years and the great achievements that we all celebrated together as one big happy family. Moreover, she also reiterated that failures in life should not hinder us from pursuing our dreams rather we should practice resilience despite

Every year, our school celebrates its significant foundation day for it is vital not only
because of the number of years it has served the community, but it is regarded as a great chance to remind our students about the humble beginnings of our educational institution. Congratulations SMSS!