Our SMSS Secondary students defended their title once again and have
proven their exceptional singing prowess as they emerged as the Champions
in the National Big 5 Acapella Competition, organized by Co-curriculum
Department, Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the 38th Brunei
National Day Celebration. Our school has won this prestigious competition for
3 years in a row. The judges were in awe upon seeing our winning
competition entry titled Tanah Airku done through a video submission on 11th July 2022.

The team comprised of five students namely Princess Angel M. Payos (9B),
Garth Sebastian M. Borrero (9D), Andrea Ray Languido Castillo (10C), Wadi
Iman Bin Haji Omar (10D) and Malai Damia Hannani Binti Malai Yunus (11C)
as trained by Teacher Jose Garth M. Borrero Jr. with the kind assistance of
the SMSS Office of Students Affairs and Services and our SEG Multimedia
Congratulations Sarjanians for you made our school really proud!