Primary Curriculum

The Primary curriculum conforms to the National Education System for the 21st Century – or the SPN 21 (Sistem Pendidikan Negara Abad Ke-21) as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam, and is further complemented by a wide range of activities to optimize every student’s potential in a stimulated environment that encourages the desire to succeed.

With the successful launch of International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) at the Preschool section, we aim high to continue leading our young leaders at the Primary section with the introduction of International Primary Curriculum (IPC) – aligning itself with the SPN 21 system at the Primary section. ICT learning opportunities have already been realized at the Introduction of Cambridge ICT Starters curriculum aimed at IT integration across all learning subjects and equipping our students with the technological edge for the future.

Primary Asessment

Assessments at Primary Section are done every term in all levels. These assessments help teachers and parents to be aware of the child’s strengths and areas needing improvement. Assessments coupled with regular Parent-Teacher Meetings support student learning effectively assessing areas such as literacy, numeracy and abilities such as critical thinking and problem solving. The Lower Primary (Year 1 to Year 3) are assessed differently from the Upper Primary (Year 4 to Year 6).

Assessments include term tests, homework and coursework, and projects. Students must be consistent in their academic performance each term to qualify in the annual Top Academic Listing. Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Reports are issued at Year 3 and Year 6. The CCA Report includes participation in CCA, Societies, Clubs, competitions and national events (such as flag waving, National Day, His Majesty’s Birthday, Maulud Nabi SAW procession and performances).