Preschool Fees

School fees are in Brunei dollars and are not inclusive of other fees such as external academic competitions, ECAs, uniforms, books, costs of field trips, activities and others. The fee for the whole school year is divided into ten (10) equal parts payable from January to October.
Registration Fee
Non-refundable one-time Registration Fee $50.00
School Fee
Class Monthly School Fee Annual School Fee
KG 1 to KG 3

B$ 165.60*

*Monthly fee differs based on the month of admission

B$ 1,656.00 (B$165.60 x 10 Months)


School Fee Discounts
School Fee: B$ 20.00 Discount  if annual fee is paid in full

School Fee Policy

School fees shall be paid on or before the 7th of every calendar month (for example payment for March shall be made on the 7th of March the latest). If there are any outstanding fees after the 7th of each month, the front office shall issue a school fee reminder. Subsequent school fee reminders shall be issued accordingly. All school fees shall be fully settled by the 7th October of every school year.

Procedure for School Fee Reminder:

* October school fees must be settled before the PSR / SPE / GCE ‘O’ Level examinations.

* A discounted annual payment is applicable for parents/guardians who wish to pay for the whole year’s school fee before the beginning of the school year (January).

Claim Letter

Claim letter shall only be issued after January and February school fees have been settled.