The unit ‘Ocean Treasures’ had a wonderful start with our K1 children going on a ‘Beach Party’. The students came to school donning their colourful beach clothing, hats, and sunglasses, ready for a captivating day at the beach. In this unit, our K1 children made use of their senses to explore the theme of beach and sea creatures. The activity started with a storytelling of the book entitled ‘Beach Day’ by Karen Roosa. The book tells about a family’s fun ways to spend a sunny day at the beach. After the storytelling, the students set off to enjoy the make-shift beach indoors. From making ice-lollies to ward off the heat to building sandcastles, the unit incorporates all the fun things our kids could do at the beach. Our children also got to experience ‘fishing’ different sea creatures, and enjoy the sand bubbles to their heart’s content!