“Conquer your fears, be confident, believe in yourself and you will surely achieve great things in the end!”

This is the message that rang true to the 175 Year 6 students when they faced the British Deputy High Commissioner, Natalie Gowers Barnes in a Motivational Talk held in two separate sessions on Monday, 15th April 2019 at Seri Mulia Sarjana School, Primary Section.

To inspire students to do well in their studies and to give their 100% effort for their PSR Examination, Ms Barnes started her talk by asking students to work on their timelines of events happening before the exam. The timelines served as the springboard in reminding students of the necessary preparations done for the said events especially for PSR Examination. To heighten the students’ enthusiasm, the speaker asked the participants to formulate their goals and enumerate the ways on how to achieve those goals. The confident ‘Sarjanians’ bravely stood up and shared the out-put of their activity. Such showmanship wowed the Deputy High Commissioner. The 3’C’s which the school is building up, was evidently projected when the students raised their questions in the Q and A portion of the programme. Indeed ‘Sarjanians’ shine wherever they are.

The sharing of some tips on how to get good results in examination and relating stories of success by some of the teachers and administrators enlivened the programme. Such sharing likewise gave the students the moment to reflect on drawing inspiration and motivation, two important ingredients in the exam preparation. As the programme drew to a close, Miss Natalie challenged the students to work hard in order to achieve whatever they aspire. The giving of token and the group photo taking ended the successful event hosted by the English Department.