New environment, totally different sights, fun, bonding, spontaneous learning, respect of individual differences, respectful way of greeting ‘SALAM’ were among the core of the Year 4 & 5 Cemerlang students’ field trip to Panaga School in Seria, Kuala Belait on Thursday, 18th April 2019.

Showing the 3Cs in them, the Sarjanians engaged themselves in all the activities and lessons conducted. They had a no-holds-barred dealing with the Panaga students and teachers for they were so certain on their aim of learning and making the most out of this rare real-world experience. Great participation was shown when they attended the lesson on Time. There was never a dull moment in History class where they involved themselves and blended well with the Panaga students. Even the outdoor activities and break time provided opportunities for learning and friendship.

Truly, the Panaga School visit was not just a hands-on learning experience but also a challenge that awakened students to learn more. It was not just a field trip but an opportunity to let others know who Sarjanians really are. This field trip allowed the students to realise that we can flourish and thrive in peace and harmony amidst cultural diversity.

Way to go, Cemerlang students!