To reinvigorate the teaching of writing and to spark a new teaching technique, twelve Primary mentors attended a Talk for Writing Workshop at the Teraja Hall, Panaga School last Friday, 26th January 2018. Maria Richards, a great ambassador for the Talk-for-Writing (T4W) strategy, enthusiastically shared her brilliant ideas to the participants of the said workshop.


Richards shed light on the principles underlying Talk-for-Writing, Process, Internalising patterns and the significance of talking a text. The T4W teaching technique that was unveiled in the workshop is a creative way to make the learning fun and enjoyable. Moreover, the said topics matter the most to SMSS English teachers as these will address the writing problems of the students.


As such, SMSS teachers are looking forward and are enthusiastic to bring the T4W strategy to their classrooms so that the students will eventually explore writing in a more innovative way.


Bring it on, English Teachers. Be the catalysts of 21st Century Teaching!