Seri Mulia Sarjana School made a perfect way to end the 2nd term of Academic Year 2018 by holding a two-day fun-filled educational camp on Friday and Saturday, 7th -8th September. Dubbed as ‘Sarjana Camptastic 2018’ the event turned the 100 campers into Young Picassos and Einsteins with the line-up of activities interconnecting 7 subjects, Physical Education, Art, Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and Music.

Aimed at providing campers with inclusive and interdisciplinary activities, promoting creative learning and enhancing confidence and building character, the said camp started with a Zumba that set the mood of the campers and the mentors as well. To maintain the high level of energy, fitness and heap of fun games immediately followed. Such activities were facilitated by the P.E. teachers.

Inculcating in the minds of the campers that caring for the environment really matters, the afternoon session of the camp immersed the kids in a Clean Up Drive dubbed as ‘My Trash, My Treasure. It was followed by a project making using recyclable materials. Creativity and teamwork were best demonstrated in the campers’ finished products such as bags, lamps, castles, tissue holders and paper flowers to name a few. The 3 Cs; Competent Confident Communicators on the other hand were evidently captured in the Commercial making that concluded the afternoon session of the first day.

Excitement was sustained on the second day as the campers turned out and registered very early. The warm up activity started the gave the campers a boost to start the day right. Putting on their aprons and getting ready for their Art and Science activities, the campers showed a great deal of enthusiasm and social skills. Mural painting, performing experiments and answering mathematical questions through group games did not just trigger their intellectual and artistic skills but they developed a meaningful bond of friendship.

The awarding ceremony, attended by supportive parents and SMSS teachers, concluded the two-day camp. The stage was filled with fun when the campers received their medals and certificates awarded by the Chief Executive Officer of the Sarjana Education Group, (Dr) Mary Lim and the Acting Principal of the Pre School and Primary Sections, Putri Maharani Simanjuntak.

The campers did not just bring home the fun, the experience, the medals and the certificate but also the realisation that learning in Seri Mulia Sarjana School is fun and is something to look forward to in their everyday lives.