On 16th October 2020, Teachers and Staff of the Preschool section of Seri Mulia Sarjana School got together in a Team building Activity held at Higher Hotel, Kiulap. This activity, anchored on topics such as team collaboration, conflict management and good communication, aims to promote strong ‘bonding’ among the members of our school community. Furthermore, it was also a celebration of the many accomplishments of the whole Preschool section for the current school year.

Teachers and staff were divided into teams and several games were prepared by the organising committee. The day kicked off with a game called ‘Sarong Relay’ where participants worked in pairs to drag themselves forward while sitting on a sarong. In ‘Balloon Walling’, participants were tasked to work as a team to pop as many balloons as they could within a given time. While in ‘Pass the Action’, participants took turn to copy an action for the next person in the line, who in turn acted out for the next person. The last one standing in line performed the action as accurately as possible. To add more excitement to the day, the participants were called in pairs for exchange gifts and went home with beautiful prizes from the lucky draw.

The morning was concluded with an inspirational message from our CEO, Dr. Mary Lim, who was impressed by the splendid teamwork displayed throughout the event. Everyone went home with hearts filled with joy and a stronger commitment to the formation of our students.