“Every teacher is an IPC teacher!” 

This opening salvo from Maura Murphy of Panaga School inspired the forty-three participants during the

IPC Orientation Seminar held at the Primary Section, Seri Mulia Sarjana School on Friday, 31st January 2020.

Underscoring that an IPC teacher talks about what the children have learned before talking about what the children have done, the participants paused for a while and reflected on whether they are in the right track or not. The mentors’ nods have spoken much of their being in the right track. Furthermore, their positive and active participation in the group activities somehow showed their willingness to explore more about the IPC.

Our speakers, Maura Murphy and Miriam JC Kerkhof talked about what the International Primary curriculum (IPC) is and is not. Also, they discussed learning in the IPC, IPC Learning Process, the use of personal qualities to support learning in the classroom, and classroom strategies to support collaborative learning. These IPC matters and new ideas will surely not just remain in our teachers’ minds but will definitely be applied in the classrooms to improve the quality of the teaching and learning processes.

The ‘Sarjana’ teachers would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to the two passionate IPC masters from Panaga School, Maura Murphy and Miriam JC Kerkhof for generously sharing their knowledge in IPC. Their tips and sharing of best practices will fuel us as we carry on our day to day teaching the IPC way. With this, the students under our care will turn to be the most adaptable, confident, creative and collaborative individuals we want them to be.