Congratulations to Dyg Nur Fathin Syhaidah Binti Shamsul of Class 10D for being chosen as the official representative of SMSS in the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Relationships JENESYS High School Exchange for ASEAN Japan and Timor Leste! It’s truly an honor for Fathin to be selected for such a prestigious program.

Participating in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) is a fantastic opportunity for Fathin to engage in a people-to-people exchange program and promote mutual trust and understanding between Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region. It’s a chance to not only represent her school but also her country, making her a goodwill ambassador for Japan during her time there.

Being part of this program will surely provide Fathin with invaluable experiences, personal
growth, and a broader perspective of the world. It’s an excellent platform for her to build lasting friendships, create networks, and develop essential skills that will benefit her in her academic and personal life.

As she embarks on this journey from 24th July to 1st August 2023, we send our best wishes to Fathin for a successful and memorable exchange program. May she make the most out of this opportunity and return home with cherished memories and newfound knowledge, contributing positively to the friendship and cooperation between Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Congratulations once again, Fathin and may you shine bright as an exemplary representative of your school and your country.