The Kindergarten 2 students recently embarked on a thrilling journey into the world of
dinosaurs on Saturday, June 17th, 2023. They shed their weather clothes and donned
their detective gears for their captivating Entry Point activity. Two parents, Nur Hazirah
Binti Haji Abdul Mutalif and Ting Siew Lang, were invited to share an exciting dinosaur
story with the children at the hall, making it an incredible experience.

Through the use of books, videos, storytelling sessions led by volunteer parents, and
engaging activities at various learning stations, the children were fully immersed in
uncovering fascinating facts about different dinosaur species and their habitats. This
interactive and appealing approach ignited their passion for science, stimulated their
imaginations, and encouraged them to think critically as they put on their thinking hats
and detective gears.

By providing this early exposure to dinosaurs, we aim to instil a lifelong love of learning
in the children and lay the foundation for their future scientific explorations. This
experience not only fosters their curiosity but also sets the stage for their ongoing
educational journey.