Among the 11,000 young people from across the Commonwealth Regions, an eleven-year old Nurul Amal Zarra Qiannah Hannah Maisara Athira Muntassir from Seri Mulia Sarjana School, Brunei Darussalam, emerged as one of the winners bagging the bronze award in the recently held Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2019.

Expressing with heart and soul through an essay entitled ‘A Place I Feel Connected To’, the budding writer vividly tailored in beautiful words the memories of her trip to Singapore. Despite the country’s multi culture, going around Singapore still gave her a unique yet familiar feeling as if she was in Brunei. Her description of the trampoline adventure in Amazonia where she met two kind, sweet and friendly Singaporeans, Alice and Bella, capsulized the competition’s theme ‘A Connected Commonwealth.’

Congratulations, Nurul Amal Zarra Qiannah Hannah Maisara Athira Muntassir. You made the whole Sarjana family happy and proud of your achievement. Way to go!