Digging leadership potential, the 58 highly driven student council officers went the extra mile and sacrificed their time and energy in hurdling the challenging activities in the leadership training conducted on two separate sessions, 25th January and 1st March 2019.

The first session targeted communication, team work, cooperation and problem solving. All these rolled into various activities such as ‘Making Connections’, ‘Jump In, Jump Out’, ‘Cup Stacking’, ‘Through the Loop’ and ‘Cross the Lava River.’ The student leaders did not only make new friends in the said training, but they also found a deeper meaning of what leadership is all about. Rooted in the values of Respect, Initiative, Global Responsibility, Honour and Teamwork (RIGHT) and with open minds and open hearts, they successfully realised all the objectives of the team building activities.

The second session addressed roles and responsibilities. In the said session, the student leaders were given the chance to brainstorm, discuss the good characters of a leader, interpret meanings of quotes on leadership, share about the leaders they have admired and express the reasons behind their admiration on those particular leaders. These group discussions brought out the best in each of them, put their thoughts together in the service of the students and concretise the Sarjana culture of excellence.

To the Supreme Student Council officers, congratulations for accepting the challenge. Carry on with your mission and as you showcase the rippling effect of your leadership and become worth emulating to each and every ‘Sarjanian you serve!