The Cemerlang classes broke away from their usual classroom routines with great
anticipation as they eagerly boarded the bus bound for Jerudong International School.
Their destination? The spectacular performance of ‘SHREK’ the Musical on June 17th.

From the moment the curtains lifted, the students were captivated by the powerhouse
cast, mesmerizing music, intricate stage designs, and imaginative props. Spellbound, the
‘Sarjanians’ remained glued to their seats, thoroughly engrossed in every scene and

As the curtains fell and the final bows were taken, the impact of the show’s powerful
messages resonated deeply with the 64 students and their six accompanying teachers.
The lessons of “Love yourself to the core” and “Never judge anyone by what you first
see!” left indelible marks on their minds, igniting a newfound appreciation for empathy
and self-acceptance.

Exiting the Jerudong International School ARTS Centre, the students and teachers
returned from their field trip, carrying with them cherished memories and invaluable life
lessons that will undoubtedly shape their futures.