One of the values we hold dear at Seri Mulia Sarjana School is global resposibility. This became even more vident on the 13th of February 2018 when all Year 11 students were challenged to initiate fundraising campaigns to help the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Iqbal Damit, founder of Hand4hand charity in Brunei, shared with the students his first-hand experience in helping the Rohingya refugees. He shared with the students the hardships faced by the Rohingya refugees and explained the many ways we can aid them. Photos and videos shown to the students touched their hearts and prompted many of them to ask how else they can help other than donating money. This led to many students inquiring if they are able to volunteer after finishing their O’Level exams.

Furthermore in collobaration with Hand4hand, the Outreach society is planning to raise funds by selling food and accepting donations from teachers, staff and students to build a well for the Rohingya refugees.