Collaborating with partners in learning (PIL) is and always be one of Seri Mulia Sarjana School’s missions. Hence, the 2nd PTM and Awarding Ceremony held on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 proved once again that such mission is constantly carried on. The overwhelming attendance of parents constituting approximately 87% made the event a total success.

The student-led conference was a challenge to the kids when they explained to their parents their progress in school both in academics and non-academics. The fifteen minutes allotted time for each appointment drew significant confidence to the students in convincing their parents that they are taking some measures with the help of their mentors to improve their scholastic performance. Meanwhile, the parents nodded in satisfaction.

An awarding ceremony, highlighting the approximately 44 multi-talented Sarjanians who have made their shining moments through participating and winning in numerous national and international competitions, concluded the event. Awards given were ‘Beauty of China’ Painting Competition, Youth Art Exhibition, Trinity College London Rock and Pop Vocals, Explorace Meet and Home Economics Sushi Making.

Truly, capitalising on good rapport between the school and the parents pays off!