Our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) programme offers students an out of the classroom experience that gives them the opportunity to apply the learned principles and values in real life experiences.

These activities encourage essential skill-building opportunities – such as professional, leadership and life skills among the students. The array of programmes is led by enthusiastic and proficient teachers who challenge each and every student to flourish.


Offered as an itegrated curriculum with IPC, to enhance skills in arts and craft, dance, speech and drama.

Arts and Craft

This class aims to develop the student’s artistic skills. It provides an opportunity for hands-on creation that develops their motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

Dance for Fun

Students will learn movement patterns, balance and fundamental dance routines in this class. They can either dance alone, in pairs or in small groups.

Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama provides activities that will help develop the student’s self confidence and communication skills. This class will also develop the child’s creativity through role playing, acting/miming and improvisation.The class combines speech, singing and acting; they also learn basic dance steps.


Offered as a separate subject within the curriuculm schedule.

Arts and Craft

Have fun while learning art from the basics of lines, patterns and forms to the different shapes and colours.  This class will help improve children’s skills with the techniques and styles of sketching, painting, and many more.  Let them learn to appreciate the things around and experience the importance of arts in their everyday lives. In advanced Practical Arts, students will learn woorworking or needlework, that serves as utilitarian purpose.

Performing Arts

Malay Dance
Brunei dance is a part of Brunei-Society and Culture, it has a wide variety of folk music and native dance forms such as “Alus Jua Dendang”, “Aduk-Aduk”, “Zapin”.

This class teaches all styles of Chinese martial arts. It is practised for its method of achieving health, self-defence skills, mental discipline, recreational pursuit and competition.

Speech and Drama
These classes allow students to explore and experience the magic of theatre through public speaking, acting, storytelling and dramatics. Getting involved in performing arts, or encouraging children to take dance classes or drama lessons will open their doors to social involvement and boosts self-confidence and enables children to make new friends more easily. It provides an artistic and creative outlet for children. Students will learn how to act, sing, dance and develop their self confidence. The advanced drama provides as opportunity to learn different acting techniques using the U.K Trinity College syllabus. Members are given the option to sit for Trinity Drama exams.

Cultural Class

Malay, Chinese, and Indian Cultural Classes

These classes encourage appreciation of the Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. Appreciation is done through learning  different cultural cuisines, arts, dances, songs, games, customs and traditions.

Music & Vocal Club

Students will learn different vocal techniques while singing some great rock and pop songs.  This class also prepares students for the Rock & Pop vocal examination from Trinity College London, UK a leading international exam board. Their reputation rests on their continuing ability to provide respected qualification in music, drama, dance, communication skills and the English language.

Sports Class

Sports class is designed for young athletes where fundamental skills of basketball, netball and futsall are taught including rules of the games. The Sports classes help develop the child’s self-esteem and promote physical fitness and camaraderie at an early age. It is also a training ground for students to eventually be part of the prestigious school team.

Cooking and Baking, Board Games, Uniformed Clubs

Cooking and Baking
This class helps the students to be knowledgeable and self-reliant in simple but essential things in home making such as cooking and baking.  Additional topics include proper table setting and kitchen management.  They will also be exposed to commercial cooking through various site visits and hands on training in actual venues.

Board Games
The primary aim of this class is to organise dynamic and competitive teams for both boys and girls who will represent the school in the Brunei Inter-school Chess Tournament and other in-campus or off-campus commitments.  The class will train and teach students the basic moves of the different ranks or pieces in the game, enhance their individual skills, and write chess notation.

This class promotes character building and foster citizenship in terms of the duties, obligations, privileges, and functions of a citizen. It also  promotes fitness and develop the leadership and teamwork skills.

Drum Band

This class provides an opportunity for students to learn and try the different percussion instruments.

Music Ensemble

The class provides an outlet for creativity and enhances the skills in playing different musical instruments such Percussions, Wind instruments and Strings.

Athletics Club

Athletics Class is open to runners, jumpers and throwers of year 7 and year 8. Students will learn the basic techniques in athletic events.

Junior Techno Club

This class looks into new developments in technology particularly in Information Technology and other electronic gadgets.