Student Socieities

The Secondary Section Student Societies offer students the chance to develop their interests, network and meet with likeminded peers. In these, students have the opportunity to develop their organisation, communicative and social skills to complement their academic curriculum. These societies are run by students with supervising teachers.

Cultural Society

  • Arabic and Islamic Culture Society
  • Chinese Culture Society
  • Filipino Culture Society
  • Warisan Budaya

The Cultural Society is for students whose interest is to study and and discover  the history, behaviours, beliefs, and the characteristics of a particular social or ethnic group. They will also learn the language, art and traditional songs and dances of the different cultures.

Performing Arts

  • Dance Synergy
  • Musical Ensemble
  • Drama and Theatre Club – Teatro Sarjana
  • Wushu and Lion Dance Troupe
  • Choir Club

The core objective of this society is to cultivate the student’s innate talent in singing, acting and dancing, it also contribute to the holistic development of the child. The activity provides an avenue to showcase the student’s talent and develop their self esteem.

Visual Arts

  • Arts and Craft Society
  • Press Club Journalism
  • Computer Society “Techno Club”

This society aims enhance the student’s skill in video editing, painting and writing, It also serve as an outlet to express themselves through arts.

Uniformed Society

  • Military Cadet
  • Red Crescent Society
  • Scouts

This society aims to develop the students’ leadership qualities and boost their self-confidence. It creates a sense of volunteerism, courage, camaraderie, teamwork among its members and other societies.

Academic Society

  • Archeology Society
  • Atomos Science Society
  • Book Club
  • Business Society
  • Mathematics Society

The Academic Societies are designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic development through fun activities relative to academic subject. All students are  encouraged to share their ideas and discoveries that will help the members to understand and and enhance their learning.

Sports Society

  • Athletics Society
  • Swim Team

This society promotes and encourage sports and games among the students. It also serves as a training ground for students who would like to be a part of the Sarjanian elite pool of athletes.