We are also proud to present a collaborative vlog led by the Student Council and filmed by the students of SMSS and SMSIS during the first Vaccination Day. Follow them as they share their experience of the process. Let’s continue to do our part #BruneiAsOne!
A special mention to the following students of SMSS and SMSIS:
Director – Nur Naqibah Binti Muhammad Nikman Waie
Writer – Matthew Abel Robles Filio
Musical Director – Awang Muhammad Wa’ie Syazwi Awang Muhammad Azrin
Production Manager – Ding Hui Xin
Editor – James Marius Guemary De Luna
Isaac Norbin
Ding Hui Xin
Lee Jung-Min
Beatrice Sanoy
Princess Payos
Muhammad Azizullah Pasha Bin Zakaria
Muhammad Danial Shafiq Kho Bin Fred Mustafa @ Kho Ter Wan
Adam Danish Kho Bin Fred Mustafa @ Kho Ye Wan
Anna Gabrielle Tuazon Landingin
Joshua Morgia Ege