Allowing the parents to voice out their concerns, sharing the students’ academic progress based on assessments and classroom observations and giving the students the chance to share their achievements were the among the things that went well during the first Student-Led Conference (SLC) held on Tuesday, 30th April 2019.

The stakeholders, despite their busy schedules, took time and effort to experience a triad conference led mostly by their own kids and to meet their children’s class teachers to discuss the strengths, opportunities, achievements and results regarding teaching and learning. Happiness radiated from the parents’ faces upon receiving reports of their children’s meaningful learning journey in SMSS and upon seeing their kids speaking with great confidence. Truly a real and concrete result of the unique Sarjana experience.

An awarding ceremony, highlighting the approximately 60 Sarjanian achievements, concluded the event. Tech Kids Camp 2019, Athletic Competition – Cluster 1B, 19th Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad For Primary Students, 19th JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest 2018 Tokyo, Japan, Poster Making Contest on ‘No Plastic Bag Everyday’ (Junior Category), Chinese New Year Contests, Poster Making Contest in conjunction with the World’s Book Festival, Inquizitive Sarjanians Spelling Bee, were among the awards given during the said ceremony. The awardees proudly posed on center stage for a group photo. Holding their certificates, the honorees couldn’t contain their happiness and satisfaction in celebration of their accomplishments. For them, one thing was certain, this would never be the last to reap medals and citations but just the beginning of the numerous winning and shining ‘Sarjana’ moments.

The 1st Student-Led conference mirrored satisfaction through parents’ applauses, commendations and smiles. It was an opportunity of communication and establishing connection, two of the most important tools in building a strong relationship between school and home.