Kids once again explored an array of stalls of stationeries, toys, clothes, cards, photo frames, key chains, fancy accessories, books and many others at the Primary school waiting area. It was not a market day. It was Young Entrepreneurship Day. There were no adult sellers. Who were selling? Kids as young as 11 years old. This event, hosted by the Social Studies Department in cooperation with Student Development Council Unit (SDCU), was held on Wednesday, 13th March 2019. Aimed at exposing the students to a business mindset, creating income generating activities and practicing leadership, team management and collaboration, the said project brought excitement and enthusiasm to both students and staff as they eagerly queued up to purchase whatever caught their attention.

Extending classroom lessons to this kind of practical and hands-on activities is what 21st Century Learning is all about. Fun learning took place not just during the actual day but since the preparation time. From planning to execution, students demonstrated a great sense of creativity, teamwork and social skills. All these were instrumental in the making of their proposals describing their business structures (group), conceptualising business names, analysing consumers’ demands and listing of items for sale. As the activity ended, students realised that success really comes to those who try, those who do the hard work and those who take the initiative.

Congratulations to the students and the organizers for making this student-centered project a real success!