Yes, the wait is finally over!
Are we back to our new normal? Perhaps yes, to the 171 Year 4 students, who, at long
last were able to make it to their field trip to the most exciting place to explore and learn,
the Malay Technology Museum at Kota Batu on 6th and 7th March respectively.

The educational trip that evolved in the theme ‘Traveling Through Time’ was truly a road to discovery of the Kampong Ayer world, the way of life and the technology used by the village people in their daily lives. They’ve got to explore the dioramas of villagers and their trades, including boatbuilding, fishing, metallurgy, and goldsmithing, ignite the student’s curiosity and imagination.

Indeed, learning takes place outside the classroom. This was so true with that visit to the
museum where video presentation, touring exhibition, playing traditional games, coloring
contest, quizzes, happened all in one go. The awarding, group photos and the goody
bags enlivened the trip.

Kudos to the Social Studies, Bahasa Melayu & MIB Departments for this grand effort in providing student-centred and holistic learning experience to augment classroom lessons on language and local cultures.