The Office of Student Activities opened registration for Co-curricular activities (CCA) for the Primary Section on Thursday, 11 January 2018. In line with the School’s vision to provide Total Education for All, 3 categories of CCA clubs are offered namely Arts and Culture, Sports, and Special Interest, in hopes that all students will have a chance to unleash their hidden talents by participating and giving their all every CCA class.

Meanwhile, ECA registration took place on Saturday, 13 January 2018. Excited kids gathered around the registration area just to find a slot in the list of the ECA classes offered this year.

Excitement was at its peak when CCA classes commenced last Thursday, 18th January. Students were gathered at the waiting area for an orientation session. Students then proceeded to their respective CCA rooms. Awaiting at the end of the year is the ever-famous CCA Carnival where students will be given stage time to perform what they have learnt for the past months in their CCA classes.

In Sarjana, we learn and shine together.