The foundation of any school’s glorious success is the quality of leadership that keeps it together. The absence of effective and efficient leaders in an institution results in poor quality service and mediocrity.

Through professional development workshops, senior leaders of SMSS equip the emerging frontrunners with the necessary leadership skills that will help them rise above mediocrity and empower themselves in managing teachers and tasks competently. A two-day cascading workshop about leadership held last 18th and 19th of March 2019 was attended by the school’s core leads across all sections. The facilitators, Ms Cecilia Landingin – deputy principal for academics of the preschool section, and Ms Putri Simanjuntak – acting principal of preschool and primary sections, covered particular topics about understanding Sarjana leadership competencies, leading teaching and learning, people and effective teams, managing organisation, and change. The two-day affair was rich in content and applications of leadership skills through a variety of engaging collaborative activities and individual tasks. Also, the emphasis on self-awareness as the core of good leadership was clearly explained through the Johari window. In addition, sharing sessions among teachers provided opportunities for self-realisations, reflections, improvement, and embracing change. Further application of everything learnt in this workshop will continue all throughout the school year with continuous guidance and support from the principal’s office.