SMSS creates opportunities for self-growth not only for students but also for its educators through professional development workshops initiated either by the school or in collaboration with other external bodies. Fully committed to educating the youth, SMSS strongly believes in the efficacy of investing new skills and knowledge among its members.

To put into practice this endeavor, selected teachers of SMSS across sections participated in the recently concluded Language and Communication workshop organised by the Brunei-Filipino Educators Club (BFEC). Held at the SMSIS campus on 10th February 2019, teachers from different schools all over Brunei gathered to arm themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills, and understanding about issues concerning language and communication development. This whole day affair covered a topic about identifying and addressing language and communication needs in children discussed by Meela Adreeyana binti Haji Aliuddin, a speech and language therapist from RIPAS hospital. She strongly gave emphasis on the importance of the school’s role in spotting children with early signs of speech and language delay and how early intervention greatly helps the child’s development. Furthermore, teacher-participants of the workshop also gained insights on how to support students with language and communication needs in school mostly about English as an Additional Language or EAL. Ms Eulalia Mendoza Curaming, an EAL teacher from International School Brunei, gave concrete examples of different scenarios related to the topic as well as educational resources that teachers can use in executing their lessons. A sharing session among teachers also took place during the workshop. Culminating the event was the awarding of certificates to all participants and speakers by the president of BFEC, Ms Lovella Depala and by Mr Pete Delfin, the Charge D’affaires of the Embassy of the Philippines.