Drumbeats surrounded the Primary campus as the red dressed Sarjanians gleefully waved their flaglets in celebration of the 35th Brunei National Dayand the Chinese Lunar Year. The said meaningful and cultural feasts rolled into one momentous occasion of the first ‘Free Day’ held on Thursday, 14th February 2019.

Graced by Lawyer Mr. Yu Qin Zai and Mr. Chong Chang Fa, the event kicked off with the singing of the “Allah Peliharakan Sultan”, The National Anthem. To enliven the commemoration of the Nation’s Independence, Sarjanians lively recited the National Day Pledge and enthusiastically answered questions in a quiz about the celebration of National Day. The students demonstrated a great deal of patriotism not only of the mind but of the heart as well. The singing of Bandera Negara was not just a rendition but an unparalleled immersion into a very rich culture of Love of Country.

Meanwhile, the regular noise from the joyful talks of the audience was replaced by the sounds of the thundering drumbeats and the banging of cymbals, two powerful sounds that attract good luck as what the ancient Chinese tradition would say. True enough, the crowd was more than attracted when the Lion Dancers conquered the centrestage and delighted the kids with their throwing of variety of sweets as the performance was about to end. To explore more on the Chinese culture, Calligraphy and Tea demonstrations were held simultaneously. Such demonstrations wowed both the kids and adults alike. Added attraction was the entertaining Chinese dance performed by selected students from the Mandarin Department.

During the occasion, the Big 8 and the other officers of the Supreme Student Council took their oath and pledge their loyalty to the students and their Alma Mater. The said student leaders will serve as the role models in promoting and upholding school values. They may have young minds today, but these young minds will surely become trailblazers and potential leaders of tomorrow. To the Big 8 and the SC officers, congratulations for accepting the challenge. The whole Sarjana community is behind you in this undertaking.