Classroom doors were shut and locked, lights were turned off, total silence was observed, and the students dropped to the floor or out of the line of vision from the windows and the doors. These were just among the procedures that were strictly followed during the first Lockdown Drill at the Primary section successfully held in two sessions, morning and afternoon of Saturday, 9th February 2019.

As with fire drills and other safety school programs, lockdown drill is part of the usual routine in SMSS to acclimate students and teachers to some procedures to be  followed quickly, effectively, and safely in case of any untoward incident. Although a few students responded with fear and anxiety in the recently held lockdown, the attention, care and concern shown by their teachers relieved the uneasiness of the students.

As parents have entrusted us their children, SMSS is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment to all the students under its care. SMSS endeavours to fulfill its duty to equip students and staff with enough information and training to make them feel safe and secure. Furthermore, SMSS will continue to assure the parents that their children’s safety is our top priority, hence they are provided with drills such as lockdown, not to scare them but to enhance their sense of safety.