Reaching the quarter finals in the recently concluded Cluster 3 Primary School Futsal Tournament held at the Berakas Stadium Multi-Purpose hall on 26-28 February 2018, was another significant achievement for the SMSS Futsal team and coaches Michael John Mugas Quinto and Limuel C. Santos.

The said event was organised by Ministry of Education, Co-Curriculum Department and was hosted by SR Katok A. It provided an avenue for the ‘Sarjanians’ to shine in sports. Likewise, it has once again proven that the spirit of sportsmanship, the discipline and the respect that the ‘Sarjanians’ project in and out of the school are unparalleled.

The team, composed of eight futsal enthusiasts, made their coaches and school proud by putting their best foot forward during the said game.  Furthermore, the players vowed to continue training in the said event to improve their skills so that they may bag the championship title in future.

Forge ahead, SMSS Futsal Team! Bring it on! The whole ‘Sarjana’ Family is behind you in your every endeavour.